Brand Strategy Consulting

Positioning that helps you create and sustain a competitive advantage.

Let's create a brand your audience will love.

You have something valuable to share—a product, a service, or a message. You have an audience who needs and wants your help.

There's only one problem: the marketplace is saturated.

You have more competition than ever before. Your audience is being bombarded with marketing messages day and night.

As a result, people can’t see why they should choose you over a competitor.

These obstacles prevent you from reaching more prospective customers and having the kind of business you want.

But you can’t become more competitive or reach your ideal target audience until you know what you’re up against.

That’s where we come in.

"Brand consistency increases revenue by as much as 33%."

— Study by LucidPress, 2020

Positioning: How Premium Brands Thrive in the Marketplace

It's typical for businesses to use several marketing tactics to get customers, as illustrated here:

Traditional marketing model-new

But there are several problems with this approach, among them:

Marketing platforms and campaigns are usually inconsistent, which confuses the audience.

The business is not creating a real competitive advantage.

There is no focus on building more perceived value for your offers.

This means your audience sees your product or service as just another option with no unique qualities.


You may get some results, but marketing and advertising are not as efficient or effective as they could be. You also face more price pressure because you haven’t shown people how different you are.

It's what happens before the sale that makes the sale.

While most businesses use the approach above, premium brands build a customer experience.

Why is the customer experience so important?

Because consumers need as many as 8 touchpoints before they buy.

touchpoint is any interaction consumers have with your business—a visit to your website, a social media post, a review, an advertisement, or other contact. To make the most impact with each touchpoint, you must design a customer experience for prospective buyers at each customer journey stage.

People must get to know you. Then, they must decide if what you offer is best for them. Unfortunately, most businesses try for the sale before the customer is ready to buy.


That’s because most businesses underestimate what it takes to earn a customer.

5 stages of the customer journey

A brand strategy helps you create a customer journey that makes your business more competitive and enhances the perceived value of your product or service in the eyes of your target audience.

Brand Strategy Consulting

Together, we position your brand to compete and attract more customers in your target audience.

1. Brand Audit

In this first step, we explore your goals, offers, competitors, and target market.

This helps us identify the next steps you need to take to get the traction you want.


• Brand Profile (purpose, identity)
• Products, services, and pricing structure
• Competitive analysis
• Target audience segmentation

2. Visual Identity & Messaging

Using the information we gathered in step one, we'll know how to align your image and messaging with the types of customers you want. This also tells us which marketing activities will make the most impact. You can implement these on your own or with our help.

This step includes:

• Brand style (logo & brand designs)
• Website design
• Keyword and Content marketing strategy
• Social media marketing strategy
• Packaging and other brand assets

3. Assess & Adjust

We'll make sure everything is working and improve on what isn't.

Support includes:

• Email and phone contact (3 months to 1 year, based on level of service)
• Tracking and measuring ROI
• Full-service follow-up: we don't leave you hanging on anything we do.


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