The Golden Vineyard Branding Company Makes a Stellar Debut on Clutch!

We just landed our first review on one of the premier B2B client review platforms. If your business isn’t on Clutch, it should be.


Branding and marketing play pivotal roles in building credibility for your company. When we look at businesses that lead their industry, we see evidence of a well-managed brand identity.

A strong brand is essential for every thriving enterprise. The Golden Vineyard Branding Company wants to help you build a memorable brand that establishes credibility and authority with your target audience.

Founded in 2016, we are a South Carolina-based brand consultancy. Our mission is to help our clients turn their business vision into reality with a unique brand strategy and design combination.

Yes, branding is essential for your business, but do you know what also matters? Client endorsements. Excellent client feedback helps a company build a name for itself—and that’s why we’re here.

With that said, The Golden Vineyard Branding Company is excited to announce that we’ve finally made our debut on Clutch! One of our generous clients provided our inaugural review on the widely known platform. 

The Golden Vineyard Branding Company Clutch Review

What Is Clutch?

Clutch is an independent B2B client review and market research platform that provides extensive guidance to browsers from all over the world. The website encompasses various industries, including design, development, IT, marketing, and business services.

Clutch also provides organized market research by collecting client feedback and industry data to equip companies with the insights and analysis they need to connect with audiences and tackle challenges with confidence.

Using Clutch’s resources, companies can evaluate and analyze unbiased customer reviews, assess and compare specific market solutions, and uncover trends and insights from industry influencers and thought leaders.

What Our Client Said About Us on Clutch

One of our clients, Kevin Blumer, the SEO head of Kbos2hm, a UK-based SEO company, gave his feedback for our branding services in our first-ever Clutch review.

Kevin and the Kbos2hm team enlisted our services to refine their brand image and competitive position in the marketplace. The project kicked off with a brand audit, which allowed us to assess the gaps between the client’s current brand position and where they wanted to be. Once we had that information, we could create a results-driven strategy and action plan with timeframes and budget projections.

It worked. Our collaboration with the client led to significant improvements within three months. Kevin was so thrilled with what we’ve done that he gave us a five-star rating!

When asked about what impressed him the most, he responded:

“Their eagerness to get things done and professionalism.”

— Kevin Blumer, SEO Head of Kbos2hm

Thanks to Kbos2hm for their trust and support!

Our project may be over, but you continue to show your appreciation for what we do. We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Moreover, if you’re wondering how the project panned out and the full scope of our involvement, you may visit our profile on Clutch to learn more.

Another Surprise to End the Year

There are only a few weeks left before we say goodbye to 2021. But the excitement for the coming year has already begun.

The Golden Vineyard Branding Company recently found out that we’ve been listed as one of the leading branding companies for 2021 on Top Design Firms!

Top Design Firms is a new B2B platform that helps potential corporate clients find industry leaders that they can work with. Our team would like to thank Top Design Firms for naming us as one of them.


The Golden Vineyard Branding Company helps business owners unleash their brand’s full potential. Would you like to be one of them?

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